The SG Group communicates in an open-minded way, acts on the principles of the recent code of conduct and implements it into the communication with co-workers, clients, service providers and other interest groups.

Code of conduct

We manage by trust, we place the focus on our task not on ourselves and we assume responsibility for the results of our work.
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Quality management

The basis for the long-term existence of our company is quality. Several decades of experience guarantees our innovative quality, durability and globally known brand.
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Supplier management

The SaarGummi Group purchases materials and services worldwide. SaarGummi Group suppliers are "best in class". The supplier selection takes the objectives of technology, deadline, quality, price, know-how, soundness, delivery capability and flexibility, environmental protection and independence into account.
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Environment & sustainability

Green and sustainable - our EPDM sealing systems are extremely durable. Our TPV materials are recyclable and reduce consumption of process energy. Our research focusses on the optimization of the sustainability levels of our products and processes.
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Safety & health

We care about health and safety especially in a dynamic environment. We orient ourselves on the regulations of the international occupational health and safety management system specification OHSAS 18001. 
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