Research & development

We continuously optimize existing sealing concepts in order to meet the demands of the evolutionary body-in-white development. Accepting the industry 4.0. challenge we funnel process and product increasing the degree of automation.

Process development

The SaarGummi Group aggregates know-how, long-term expertise and global standardization. Combined with our slim-line processes, a high degree of automation and the strength of our global workforce, we enable convergence of tight production parameters and complex manufacturing processes.
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Product development

We vouch for an efficient and modern product development methodology. We work with simulation tools and modern CAD engines making short product development times and high validation standards feasible. Engineering changes are implemented with the same philosophy.
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Chemical lab, physical lab, FEA and other simulation capabilities like 3D printing allow us to validate new ideas against the specifications of various applications. Our objective is to constantly increase the knowledge contained in our morphological components and concepts box.
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